• woman and a child behinde a counter
  • Roaming Buffalo BBQ merchandise product, popcorn
  • A burger topped with shredded veggies and dressing
  • Smoked rib meat on a board

Roaming Buffalo BBQ


When co-owners & husband-wife team, Coy & Rachael Webb, met in 2012, they were as smitten with dreams of opening their own restaurant as they were with each other. Reared on a farm in the Lone Star State of Texas, Chef Coy’s love affair with the craft began when smokin' meats with his father in their backyard using pecan wood from their own trees. Though a classically-trained chef who’s worked in kitchens across the country, stokin' fires & communing with briskets was a passion he could not deny.

Working in the hospitality industry since the age of 15, Rachael, a CO native, is also pedigreed with a rich barbeque tradition. In the 1950s, her Grandpa opened Cy's BBQ Pit in Eureka, IL, where he butchered & smoked meats in a homemade pit on their farm, while her Grandma produced potato salad by the bushel load. Less than a year after getting married in May ‘14, their dream to own a restaurant became a reality when they purchased a small burger joint on Downing St, eventually transforming it into the Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que of today, where they pump out copious amounts of barbeque, as rich in history as it is in flavor. Since their opening they have became a staple in Colorado.